Light Brown Lace Front Wig-Wavy Wig


Light Brown Lace Front Wig Stunning Wavy Wig
Light Brown Lace Front Wig-Wavy Wig $77.80
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Without bangs but still very fashionable! Shop more colored wigs from Coslour!

Product details
  • Color: Light brown
  • Lace Size: 13*4*1 inch
  • Cap Size: The size of the wig cap is adjustable, which can fit different head sizes.
  • Length: About 24"
  • Material: High temperature resistant matte chemical fiber hair.
  • Heat Resistant: Heat Resistant: 145℃/293℉
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Care Guide

Add your own shampoo to warm water, soak the wig in the water for 2 minutes, rub it a few times with your hands, rinse it off with water and dry it naturally. (When not wearing a wig, you can spray some care solution for preservation.)


The color shows different effects under different lights. If you get the package, please understand that the color is a little different.

Light Brown Lace Front Wig

This is a light brown lace front wig suitable for everyday wear. If you suddenly want to change your hairstyle one day, this light brown wavy wig is your best choice. The hairstyle of the lace front brown wig is long wavy hair. The waves at the ends are very natural, just like real human hair. You can find more brown wigs here.

How to Wear a Lace Front Wig?

We wrote a post specifically for wig beginners. Please press the button below to learn!

How to Wash A Lace Front Wig?
How to Wear a Lace Front Wig?
How to Wash A Lace Front Wig?

The cleaning steps of lace front wigs are very complicated. However, you can't help but wash your wig. Because the lifespan of the lace front wig is very related to cleaning. Read the post below to learn!


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