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How to wash a synthetic wig

How to Wash A Synthetic Wig?

How to wash a synthetic wig? --- Synthetic wigs are very popular. And for some people, wigs are very necessary. Synthetic wigs can give you a different color of hair every day. And it's very easy to wear. But there is one thing that everyone is very concerned about: how to wash a synthetic wig? Your synthetic wig will only last longer if you take better care of it. This article will show you the simple steps to clean synthetic wigs.

Step 1:Prepare the supplies you need. --- (How to wash a synthetic wig?)

Prepare the supplies you need.
Prepare the supplies you need.
  1. A comb which is suitable for combing wigs. It is best to choose a sparser comb.
  2. Wig shampoo. (Notice! You can't use your daily shampoo, only wig-specific shampoo.)
  3. Dry the towel.
  4. Wig stand. The wig stand is used to place the washed wigs.

Step 2: Comb through your wig.

Comb through your wig.
Comb through your wig.

If you want your wig to have a clean finish, be sure to comb through the tangles before you start.

If you encounter a severe tangle, do not pull too hard. If you do this, you will seriously damage the tissue of the synthetic wig.

Step 3: Soak the wig (optional).

Soak the wig.
Soak the wig (optional).

Why is it optional? If your wig has been worn for a long time, and you also notice a lot of stains on the wig, then you need to shampoo the wig.

Conversely, if the wig doesn't have many stains, you don't need to soak your wig. Just skip this step and go to the next step.

Step 4: Gently rub with hands.

The basin holds the shampoo, put your wig into the basin. Gently rub the wig with your hands. Do not pull hard to avoid knotting the wig.

After the wig hair is cleaned, focus on cleaning the edge of the wig cap. Sweat and makeup can accumulate on these edges, so it's important to wash them off.

Step 5: Rinse.

This step is very simple, rinse the wig slowly with lukewarm water until the lather is removed from the wig.

Rinse your wig.
Rinse your wig.

Step 6: Wipe.

Wrap the wet wig with the prepared dry towel. Gently wipe the wig, be sure to gently, not vigorously back and forth.

Step 7: Let it dry.

Just one action! Arrange the wig, place it on the wig stand, and let it dry naturally.

Summary about "how to wash a synthetic wig?"

In order to make your wig live longer, washing the wig is a very important step. Please wash your wig according to the above steps, you can get a flawless wig after every wash! Find more posts about synthetic wigs.

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